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We offer HTML to WordPress theme conversion at a reasonable price. We have a team of expert developers who are masters in their field and convert your HTML to WordPress. We make your website responsive and pixel perfect.

  • All browsers/Device compatibility

  • 100% hand-coded html5 tags

  • Mobile/Tablet Device Compatibility

  • 30 Days Free Support


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Responsive Development Features

Easy customer management

Now no need to depend on the web developer. Wordpress gives direct control for publishing the content to the customer. It has a powerful CMS that gives flexibility and ease of usage.

SEO friendly

An easy installation of SEO Yoast gives your website a boost. It starts climbing the ranks on the search engine. HTML to WordPress gives you advantage of SEO.


Plugins are prewritten programs that increases the functionality of your website. HTML to WordPress helps you to install plugins that you can use for better functions.

Integration of social media

Social media helps you to derive traffic. It can also be used for brand building. WordPress can be easily integrated with your social media accounts.

No expertise required

Even a layman can work on wordPress as no technical knowledge is required. No HTML coding is involved and therefore anyone can opt for it.

Automatic updates

You can upgrade by just clicking on the upgrade button, as an automatic up gradation is available for HTML to WordPress.

Optional Features


Working with CSS Framewok

Retina Display

Screen Readers Compatibility

Fast Loading

Schema and Page Speed Optimization

6 More Reasons Why You Should Work With Us

Experienced PSD2HTML5
8+ Years of Experience

PSD2HTML5 with an expert team of qualified professionals offers all types of PSD conversion services to our clients. With our 8 years of experience and skill to adapt to the new trend of conversion services, we provide the right solution for all your PSD conversions, web designing and coding requirements in various platforms.

Psd2html Satisfaction
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We always ensure 100% satisfaction to our esteemed clients. In case, if the client is not satisfied with our work (zipped), then we simply refund the complete amount without any further questioning.

Browser Compatible HTML
Browser & Devices Compatibility

We convert your PSD file into HTML and this becomes an integrated solution, which brings cross-browser compatibility. These files can be accessed on any browser with similar interface.

PSD2HTML5 amazing team
75+ Employees

At PSD2HTML5, we only hire amazing people. We’ve got friendly, happy PM guys, coders who live for writing perfect markup, and an entire team devoted to making your project a success. You can be assured your projects always get done on time and get done perfectly.

HTML Customer Support
Amazing Customer Support

We provide full customer support. We are there to answer your queries at every phase of the development. Even after the completion of the project, we'll be around to help you whenever you need us.

Money Back
Money Back Guarantee

All the customers will be left contended and 100% satisfaction is guaranteed with the final results. We will not let you down.

Featured Works

We have worked with 2350+ Clients and continue


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9 Business


5 Pages Layout
6 Business days


4 Page Responsive
12 Business days

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q.) Will the content be editable?

Your website will be converted in a way that allows your content and images to be completely editable through the WordPress admin. Once you convert a website with us, it will be shipped with a plugin called Simple Live Editor

Q.) What are the minimum requirements?

You will need to upload at least one html file or share URL of your site. If you are uploading multiple html files, you'll need to make sure your front-page is named as index.html. The uploaded folder cannot contain any server side scripting files such as PHP or .NET.

Q.) How does the conversion work?

We take all your html, css, images, javascript and other assets and wrap it around a WordPress theme so you get the same exact website as a WordPress version.

All files are manually referenced and in addition text as well as images are editable for your convenience. Same site and content - just as an editable Wordpress version.

So lets Get Started now and have a SEO Friendly wordpress site ready.

Q.) What about SEO & meta attributes?

Yes, we'll import all meta attributes (title, description, og etc)on each page to make sure your website stays search engine optimized. You don't need to redo your SEO efforts with us.

Q.) Will my navbar menu convert into a WP menu?

Yes we will convert the static website navigation to dynamic wordpress menu. So after the completion you can easily add edit or delete any pages and posts from the wordpress admin and can link them from WordPress Menu.

Q.) I have a non-responisve HTML / Site?

No problem we can work to get it converted to responsive but it depends on your current HTML structure. If it supports the responsive structure we will be happy to help you otherwise our team will notify you about the same.

Q.) Can I integrate any of the WP hooks?

The theme itself implements a handful of the WordPress hooks. If you have the know-how of using WP hooks, the functionality of the theme can be safely extended by adding your own hooks.

Q.) How does the conversion work (technical)?

We organize all your html, css, images, javascript and other assets accordingly, parse the html and setup all the necessary WordPress functions and finally merge it with our high quality and well documented base theme. The base theme makes sure everything works out of the box and all you need to is activate the theme.

While parsing the html we also make sure your asset references work and in addition make sure all your text as well as images are editable for your convenience. Same site and content - just as an editable Wordpress version.

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