PSD TO Bootstrap Development

PSD to Bootstrap Development

The Twitter folks have done a ton of testing and support all of the major players of internet browsing, both on desktop and mobile. So you know your website’s going to scale well as a responsive site.

If you follow the Bootstrap grid for your website, both the designing and coding process generally go a lot faster and easier. So overall, if you like their design elements and you mostly stick to them, you can get a website up lightning-quick that’s guaranteed to work on every modern browser and device.

PSD to Bootsrap Conversion
$150 $125 Just in 2 days

Essentially, Bootstrap was designed to make front-end web development faster and easier for folks of all skill levels.

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Responsive grid system

As the size of the device increases, Bootstrap scales up to 12 columns to adjust accordingly. PSD to Bootstrap conversion offers a lot more than you think.


The CSS framework provides great flexibility. The predefines classes for layout using grid system, CSS components and java script gives bootstrap great flexibility.

Pre-developed plugins

Bootstrap has many java script plugins that have been pre-developed to make the task of the developers easy.

Saves time

The biggest advantage of using bootstrap is increasing the speed of development. If you are in a hurry to roll out a new website then this is definitely for you.

Latest technique

We provide the best markups for HTML5, which is the future of UI Development. Even the appropriate tags and elements are attached.

Better understanding

By just taking a look at the HTML5 elements a website has, you can get the clear understanding of its structure. Convert PSD to Bootstrap without a second thought.

Why choose us

We believe in making the most of every moment and the above quote does inspire us strongly. It is through extreme time management, creativity and expertise in HTML coding, We bring on the table interactive HTML web page with the capabilities to integrate them on your platform.

  • 100% Hand Coded HTML/CSS

  • Technology Competency

  • Multi-Browser Compatibility

  • 24X5 Customer Support

  • W3C Validated End Product

  • Strict NDA terms

  • Clean and Commended Markups

  • Comprehensive Workflows

  • 01analyse
  • 02plan
  • 03Developed
  • 04QA Final testing
  • 05Your success

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still questions?

  • Q.1

    What devices do the Bootstrap support?

    Bootstrap supports the latest version of safari, chrome, firefox, internet explorer, etc. Opera mini and android’s native browser are not supported officially.

  • Q.2

    Why should I choose Bootstrap for my design?

    Bootstrap supports responsive designs including adjusting the CSS on all devices and adjusts according to screen. It eases the work of the developers. It also supports all browsers like firefox, opera, safari, IE, etc.

  • Q.3

    What are class loaders in Bootstrap?

    Class loaders convert a named class into its equivalent binary form. Class loaders are a part of JRE (Java Runtime environment) that loads Java classes into Java virtual environment.

  • Q.4

    What are the types of layouts in Bootstrap?

    There are two types of layouts available in Bootstrap, Fixed and fluid. Fluid layout is used when an app uses up the whole width of the screen and is 100% wide. Fixed layout remains of a standard size ie. 940 px.

  • Q.5

    What is new in HTML5?

    HTML5 can be coded with great flexibility. It is not static and more links and buttons can be added in it. PSD to Bootstrap is a great option.

  • Q.6

    Which browser supports HTML5?

    Almost all. Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari are all supported by HTML5. This also includes mobile browsers fir iPads, iPhones and also androids.



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